We are fully committed to ensuring that Birmingham Pride is accessible to every visitor, all the time.

If you have any queries, or need assistance during your visit, just get in touch with a member of staff, who will be happy to help.


Birmingham Pride is accessible to wheelchair users.
Wheelchair users who have purchased a VIP or Premium Ticket will be able to admit one ticketed carer. The carer’s ticket must be applied for prior to the festival.


Assistance dogs are welcome at Birmingham Pride. However, we strongly recommend not exposing animals to any arenas that could be particularly noisy.


This year, Birmingham Pride is introducing registered signing interpreters on both the Virgin Trains Main Stage and the Los Angeles Cabaret Stage.


In the event of a medical emergency, please notify a member of security or any member of staff, a steward or festival volunteer that assistance is required.


You’ll find gender neutral wheelchair-accessible toilets throughout the festival site. See our Pride Map for details of the locations of the toilets.


It’s important to us that everyone visiting Birmingham Pride has the best possible experience from the moment they arrive in the city. For information on blue badge parking, public transport guides and more, visit:


There’s a huge choice of venues to visit throughout the Pride weekend. All of them have their own accessibility policy. Some offer elevators as well as ramps, disabled toilets and easy access to the outdoor and smoking areas. Please refer to each venue’s website for updated information on accessibility at their venue. Alternatively, give them a call directly to find out how they can assist you. A full list of ‘Gay Venues Supporting Pride’, with contact details, can be found at HERE

Birmingham Pride Accessibility Policy: 2021

Birmingham Pride has been one of the biggest and most vibrant Prides in the UK since 1997 with 1000’s of participants taking part in the Parade in 2019. Birmingham Pride is committing to inclusivity and access, with the aim of achieving a ‘gold standard’ of accessibility according to Attitude is Everything’s Charter of Best Practice by 2022. 

The Parade

This year we are offering an accessible parade route in addition to the regular route. 

This will be a shorter, quieter route suitable for participants with mobility issues and sensory needs. The accessible parade will take a shorter route, cutting through the main concourse of Grand Central Station. This route will be pedestrian only (not including scooters or motorised wheelchairs), loudspeakers or noisemakers such as whistles are banned. 

The location of our route makes having a raised viewing area very difficult. For this reason we will have cameras following the parade route and these will be broadcast on large screen in the Pride Village. Exact locations will be announced in advance. 

You can find changing place toilets on site. We would recommend using them before the parade starts as it is difficult to leave and rejoin. 

Unicorn Wristbands

It is Birmingham Pride’s vision that those with disabilities will be able to enjoy the festival to its fullest, yet one group that can be left behind is those whose disabilities are invisible. We will therefore be offering unicorn wristbands to anyone who has purchased an access ticket.

This idea was inspired by the sunflower lanyard, which allows those with invisible disabilities to be seen as needing additional assistance. The wristband will give the wearer and 1 friend access to the disabled viewing platform, VIP areas and express entrance.  A disabled viewing platform is a raised, seated area that allows disabled Pride-goers to see the stage without being in the crowd. This area will have plug sockets for charging motorised wheelchairs and other medical devices and a shaded area with water bowls for service animals.

This wristband is separate to complementary carer’s tickets which are also available. Proof of disability is required for these tickets, so we have created a wide and inclusive list of what we will accept in our accessibility guide

The Festival

As well as the raised viewing platform for the main stage, the village green will have an acoustic stage which is raised above a seated area. The community green area is a family friendly, quieter area which can be accessed at a reduced cost. Both the stages will have BSL interpreters and we are looking at Live Caption Technology for 2022. 

Moving the main stage to the new Smithfield site will make the Pride Village less busy and easier to move around. Both the Community green area and Smithfield site will be fully pedestrianised. 

Changing place toilet will be available in the Pride Village 

Service Animals

Dogs are welcome during the parade and throughout the festival. Water bowls and shaded areas will be available in the disabled viewing area and at the Community green area. 

Recorded performance and Videos

We will be recording performances, where we are permitted for viewing online.  We understand that not everyone will be ready to get out and about by September so hope they can feel included via online technology which has become so vital since 2020.

Videos will then be released after the festival with captions and audio descriptions available. 

Travel Guide and Map

We will have a map showing both parade routes that will include; travel information for all methods of public transport; car parks, pay and display bays (which are free for blue badge users) and blue badge parking bays.

The site map will also include 

Gender neutral and accessible toilet facilities. All toilets on the festival site are gender neutral and this will show those offered by venues in the Pride Village. 

Entrance and Exit points.

First Aid points.

Main stage Accessible Viewing Area. 

Cabaret Stage VIP

Quieter spaces

We’ll also be adding access information for all the Venues in the Pride Village on our Venues page, stating whether the venue is fully accessible, partially accessible or inaccessible. A fully accessible venue has step free entry and access to all areas as well as accessible toilets. 

A partially accessible venue has step free access as a minimum.

We are not doing full paper programmes this year, but a ‘Pride Guide’ document will be available on the day in large print. All our online information is available with audio description and should be suitable for e-readers and similar software. Please get in touch if this is not the case. 

Video Guide

As well as the site map and full access guide, we are producing a video guide to the Festival Site which will be ready for this year’s festival. We will follow a small group with different access needs around the Gay Village and beyond complete with audio description of the journey and closed Captions.


We know that one of the biggest barriers to celebrating Pride is finance, especially in the current economic client and in times when LGBTQ+ people face harsh economic discrimination. This is why we are providing cheaper street party tickets and complementary carers tickets.

This year a ‘Free community pride’ event will be held on Friday the 24th September. Free tickets can be claimed via the Birmingham Pride website.  


Disability Equality Training (DIT) is available for Birmingham Pride volunteers and security staff and this includes an online version. We will also have a short guide for security staff on the day explaining the unicorn wristbands and they will be given the complete accessible festival map to signpost disabled Pride-goers to the right place. 


Last Updated 12/05/2021

Policy created by Naomi Rowe (she/they)

Access Consultant

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