Birmingham Pride Parade

Birmingham Pride Parade

The Birmingham Pride Parade march is one of the most important
aspects of the entire festival weekend, enjoyed by tens of thousands of participants, walking, marching or aboard creatively decorated floats, and viewed by in excess of 75,000 spectators lining the streets of Birmingham.

Our Pride Parade is a march for equality and justice, after all there is no pride without protest. Our protest is relevant until every injustice to LGBTQ+ people around the world is brought to an end and universal equality is achieved.

Our vibrant parade is also a celebration of LGBTQ+ life, demonstrating our contribution to our community and our city.

The Birmingham Pride parade is FREE to all to attend. The event starts at Victoria Square in the heart of the city centre from 11am and the parade starts making its way through the city from 12 noon, making its way to the LGBTQ+ village where people then make their way to the main festival activities.

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